What is Butoku?

BUTOKU. Literally means martial (bu) virtue (toku). Butoku as used by Akira Fujimori is specific to his personal and modern interpretation of the seven martial virtues (described below) and their role within Aiki Jujutsu training for personal development. Akira Fujimori described it as "a set of rules for action, morals and ethics based on the premise of the importance of life..."

Seven Martial Virtues

This is a set of values that should be cultivated in life and in training. They are essentially self explanatory in their basic sense and students should adhere to or try to achieve them whilst training.

IKEI. Respect.
1. Respect for others and recognition that you cannot operate in isolation.

RENCHI. Honour and integrity.
2. Forgetting personal desire and profit and to have a sense of shame.

WAHEI. Peace and co-operation.
3. Maintaining harmony through respect and by remaining calm.

REISETSU. Etiquette.
4. Manner and a behaviour that maintains harmony through simple politeness and a consideration for others.

JINGI. Benevolence
5. To give of your time freely, to maintain sincerity and rectitude.

KENKO. Health. NINTAI-RYOKU. Perseverance. YUKI. Courage or Spirit.
6. Having a balanced mind and body giving it the ability to withstand adversity.

CHOKKAN-RYOKU. True sight. CHOKKANRYOKU. True feeling. KAN. Sixth sense.
7. Cultivate making the correct intuitive choices.